May 25, 2018 |  Trailers

‘The Escort’ Trailer Lands

It started with an idea – to examine the reasons why women enter the escort industry through their own words – and launched a 3-year journey to explore the lives of women within this industry and society’s role in enabling it to thrive. The path was memorable, the adventure unforgettable, and the people who came onboard to achieve this vision – from our wonderful actors to the incredible crew – helped fuel the film that would be made in order to do justice for these women and give them the voice they have  so frequently been denied.

As the world begins to open its eyes to the injustices which have occurred, with #MeToo and #TimesUp taking shape, there is some solace in knowing that society is responding even if it is long overdue, and that an obligation exists to continue this momentum in the quest for gender equality for all.

Thus without further ado it is with great pleasure that I present the trailer for The Escort, a passion project and labour of love that I hope will provide a platform for sex workers to have a voice at a time when their words need to be heard most – and which I look forward to unveiling in full later this year.

Please enjoy the trailer for The Escort. Where everyone has a price.


Bizhan Tong – Writer/Director of ‘The Escort’