June 21, 2016 | 


Thieves (TV Series)


Risk Everything


Five thieves have seven days to rob the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Thieves tells the story of a team who have 7 days to rob the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Following them from the planning stage to the execution we learn the motives behind their chosen profession and as deceit, mistrust and double-crosses occur it becomes increasingly obvious that they may not pull off the job in time, if at all. To make matters worse the accidental death of mob boss Frank Grovenor’s son forces the thieves to concoct creative ways of keeping him in the dark while continuing their work so as not to arouse suspicion from their competition, not realizing that they are mere pawns of a global conspiracy which will have far-reaching consequences which could herald another Cold War.


In Development. Pilot Screenplay available upon request. Series bible written including episode outlines for Season 1, and 7 seasons mapped out. Production designer Charles Lagola (How to Get Away with Murder, The Good Doctor, Sons of Anarchy) is attached.