June 21, 2016 | 


The Sit-Down


A Meeting to Kill For


Two rival gangs who have held an uneasy truce must deliberate whether to return to war when an unsavoury event involving the sons of their respective leaders threatens to tear it apart.


After decades of bloodshed two rival gangs, Los Olvidados and J-Town, agreed to a truce which has remained unsteady for the past few years. But when an event in Las Vegas involving the sons of their respective leaders threatens to blow the deal apart, the two gangs meet on neutral Triad territory in order to hash out their differences and determine whether they can still salvage peace.

But not everyone is happy with the status quo and soon Carmen Rivera, wife of Los Olvidados’ leader and mother to one of the culprits must strive to find allies on both sides of the table amidst an atmosphere of betrayal, in-fighting, and bloodlust in order to protect her husband’s legacy and save her son’s life.

Inspired by the classic ’12 Angry Men’, ‘The Sit-Down’ is a dramatic thriller about one woman’s battle for peace in a world of shifting allegiances, racism, misogyny, and prejudice that examines the origins of gang violence and its tenuous grasp on belonging.


In Development. ‘The Sit-Down’ is a production where every individual hired both in front of and behind the camera will be BAME in an attempt to provide greater opportunities and tackle the racial inequality which presently exists within the motion picture industry.