June 21, 2016 | 


Night Ride



They’ll give you a lift. You just won’t like the destination.



A hitcher is picked up by a family of serial killers and must use all his wits to escape.



When Edward, a hitcher in search of his father, accepts a lift from the Elstrom family little does he know he is about to embark on the ride of his life with the country’s most notorious serial killers. Moving from town to town leaving devastation and carnage in their wake, the Elstroms believe they must kill to survive, an ideology rationalised by an ailment they suffer from, its symptoms including porphyria (sensitivity to sunlight) and Reinfield syndrome.But when the daughter, Claire, takes a liking to Edward and convinces her father to spare his life, a battle of wits ensues as the young man plots to escape all the while being indoctrinated under the watchful eye of Claire’s parents and the envious gaze of her over-protective brother Vance who is looking for an excuse to take Edward down.

With an unwavering detective in dogged pursuit the heat soon turns to boiling and as betrayals are made, lives are lost, and family secrets are revealed the line between hero and villain grows blurred as everyone –Edward and Elstroms alike – descend into a war of chaos and bloodshed as they resort to their basic instincts in order to achieve the most human trait of all: the desire to survive.

An homage to ‘80s thrillers from ‘The Hitcher’ to ‘The Lost Boys’, ‘Night Ride’ is a non-stop adrenaline rush exploring the dark heart of the American Dream… and the price for its success.


Seeking Funding. Screenplay available upon request. Alix Wilton Regan (‘The Wife’, ‘Assassin’s Creed: Origins’, ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’) has been cast as Claire.