June 21, 2016 | 




What’s In a Name?


Set against the backdrop of the Black Lives Matter movement a congressman’s aide sees her career destroyed when she becomes the victim of identity theft, and embarks on a journey to unmask the perpetrator only to find her entire belief system challenged when she discovers the truth.


When Rachel Jain, a congressman’s aide, finds her career almost derailed after being summoned to court for events she was oblivious of, she decides to take matters into her own hands and pursue the culprit responsible for a case of identity theft which has spanned the past 11 years.

But when her investigation takes a startling turn and she finds herself face-to-face with the ‘identity thief’ – a young black blogger living in downtown New York whose only crime was being born with the same name – Rachel realizes that her counterpart has also been suffering the same problem and the two agree to work together to amend this mistake.

Faced against the bureaucratic nightmare of New York, the two Rachels soon find themselves battling a system which is skewed against minorities, and as the Black Lives Matter movement continues to gain ground their fight for justice becomes a political heatwave that will forever change their lives. As Rachel, a white privileged woman grows closer to her struggling black namesake, the two come to realize all that brings them together – and the sociopolitical factors of our current world that threatens to force them apart.

Identity tells the story of two women who fight a cruel and unjust system based on flawed laws written by men, and posits the question of whether who we are will determine who we can be.


In Development.