June 21, 2016 | 


Home Invasion


No-one is Innocent


A wealthy family who used their power and privilege to acquit their son of a heinous crime find their home invaded by the family of the woman he wronged.


When Peter Connifer, patriarch of a respected family, uses his wealth and connections to acquit his son of an allegation of sexual assault it would appear that their troubles are behind them. But the victim’s father, drug lord Mickey Kelsing has other ideas in mind and soon his family invade their home seeking retribution.

As the two families are pitted against each other in an escalating cycle of violence it soon becomes clear that no-one will leave unscathed. Exploring the fallacy of the legal system combined with the court of public opinion, ‘Home Invasion’ delves into themes of consent, revenge, and how the destruction of one life can harm the lives of many.


In Development.